Resting in awareness
Resting in Awareness

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“This training helped me to not get so stressed about my tasks. It allowed me to focus more on my patients and families.”

“I find my work more relaxing now, instead of counting down the hours.”

“I’ve taken mindfulness classes before, but never had a class catered to the clinical setting. I loved it.”

“The things we were taught and the things we practiced really had an impact during my shifts and even outside of work.”

“Learning how our preoccupation with past mistakes and future tasks keeps us away from being with our patients in the moment and acting as the best caregivers possible.”

“I found the session on judgment most helpful and applicable to my own life. I thought the inner critic session was good for teaching patients about their own inner critics and how it might be affecting them. The instructor, John, was also great. Very open and receptive to feedback and dialogue. He clearly truly cares about what he is teaching.”

I felt that mindfulness helped several dimensions of my clinical practice: how I organized care, how I interacted with patients/clients, how I managed my own emotions while dealing with stressful situations and conditions, and how I interacted with other clinicians.

In order of helpfulness for me: compassion for self and others; focusing on the moment; decreasing negative self talk; reducing judgment; bringing attention back to the small details at hand.